Taking out the conventional sitting on the peak of the Ottoman Sultani Dibek coffee flavor, the taste of coffee handle all other throne who has become an amazing taste.

Sultani Ottoman Dibek the coffee-house adventure began 10 years ago. Dibek today is bound to be no culture of coffee, opaque family food; the forgotten face holding a very special coffee has been successfully put to the summit.

As a result of meticulous work 10 years ago, we started production Dibek Ottoman Sultana coffee brand, it has taken the top spot among currently in demand in domestic and overseas brands.

Opaque food with the family of our historical and cultural heritage of the Ottoman Sultani Dibek coffee; All products, high standards of hygiene in producing facility created within the framework of its own, has offered unique and unrivaled in the world of flavor to the taste of coffee lovers.

Summit also emulate the success of the Ottoman Dibek coffee growing sultanas, behind all its competitors because it is the first manufacturer of mortar leave coffee strengthened its leadership in the market.

The secret of this business course, stability, confidence, quality, experience, as well as the elements can not be ignored, such as perseverance elaborate handmade excellent aroma of mortar coffee, not drink satisfaction with indescribable flavor and consistency, the love we add to each gram of the mixture of exquisite cardamom flavor and private Sultani extract.

This is a long and arduous journey in supporting us always grateful to all our people enable us to be a leader. Thanks TURKEY.

Opaque as family, with the strength of our service we receive from you, we promise to swing.