Fine Coffee, since 2008, the coffee and dessert products (Turkish coffee, Dibek Coffee, Espresso, Herbal Tea, Hot Chocolate, Sahlep and sweets etc.) Manufactures and known in the food industry in many restaurants, cafes and the position outsource provider of franchise group Opaque is a brand of food.
Above all Opaque is a happy family company. Restaurant with line rampant in service for nearly 20 years, cafeteria, media, operating in the construction and tourism sectors and architecture of the city it is recognized as the largest and best known food brands opaque; Formed in the coffee area of ​​expertise, it is bringing a new brand with national and international investors.
A long time, coffee production acquired in the name of our company is now Fina Coffee consumers face to face with the brand name, establishing a direct and intimate relationships. The key to continued success, our fresh gourmet coffee will become an indispensable passion.
Our brand, a concept development company that has emerged as a result of Babel's work. Our concept especially hot beverages in the world's leading brands and has been prepared taking into consideration the practices in various parts of the world, the development process of the project, an analysis of contemporary urban life should have been identified needs diversify.
F Coffee; concept design, product quality and diversity, working with the experienced team with innovative flavors and have the industry knowledge that will make a difference in many areas. Located in the product range of high-quality coffee varieties offered at extremely affordable prices; various desserts, cakes, cookies and cold drinks with the original support.
Turkish coffee and Turkish, keeping taste in the forefront, for the best coffee in the new coffee blend, ideally creating a cafe chains who want to spread all over Turkey next Fine on Coffee, considering the taste expectations of coffee culture, the best coffee every time the coffee drinker and it is intended to be places where they can find the taste of life.
You can also be a lucrative investment for Fine and good coffee we invite you to be part of the Coffee family.